The Georges in Peru

More Excitement than we Need

13 Dec 2022

We haven't written much because our excitement/free time ratio has been very low.  That changed last week when the president of Peru announced he was dissolving congress and congress immediately impeached him.  (kind of like highschoolers breaking up:  "You can't dump me!  I'm dumping you!") Congress won out.  His vice-president, became Peru's first female president with full powers of the office.  There have been escalating protests and riots since then.  Yesterday, on my (Allen's) way home from Mollendo, the nearest larger city, I came upon a line of stopped vehicles and protestors burning tires in the middle of the highway. 

I opted to not follow the advice of one man who said I could 'just drive through it like Rambo', and instead chose to take a slight detour over a nearby mountain and made it home without any issues.  Yikes!  Protestors also took over the airport in Arequipa, destroying landing lighting and other parts, making the airport unusable despite the police retaking control of the area later on.

Here in La Punta, things are actually very calm (probably because most of the traffic is blocked from entering the area!) and we are able to go about our ministries as before.  

Ben, Mia and Paul are coming to visit (flying into the airport that is currently closed!) next week, so pray for their safe arrival and a good time 'home' with family.