The Georges in Peru

A Growing Church!

15 May 2022

We've had a very encouraging week!  This morning we had 17 people at church, if one counts all of the kids and the two people that came after the service was essentially over!   We met one of the families as we were out for a walk.  We were chatting and told them that we had come to start a church in Punta de Bombón and they exclaimed, "We're Christians too!  We've been praying that God would send someone here to start a church!"  They were so excited you would have thought we were in some country where it was illegal to be a Christian!

After our service, people stayed and chatted and enjoyed little sandwiches that Mary Beth and Rosita had made.  Almost everyone stayed for an hour and a half after church was over!  When one of the dads told his son it was time to go, his 7-year-old said, "Can't we stay a little longer?"

Mary Beth leading the children's feature

We are still waiting for paperwork at the public record office to be updated before we can buy our house.  It is hard to be patient!  Pray it is finished soon!