Fischers in Peru

You know you're in a different country when...

12 Jun 2022

We've been here about 9 months now, and still the surprises keep on popping up.  When we were taking a break a few weeks ago in Mollendo down on the coast, this pedestrian crossing sign caught our eye:

The sign reads, "For you it's a minute, for me it's my life," i.e. please show a bit of patience, give way to the dog (?).  We're still wondering what rights actual pedestrians might have!

Then there's this arrangement just down the road from where we live, which is a sure sign that the local goverment's powers to resume land for public works are certainly limited:

That's right... the local govt. wanted to put a road and footpath through -- but apparently these property owners wouldn't budge.  So we've had to do this many times: the footpath ends, we clamber down to the road, make sure we're not about to get creamed by a vehicle bowling down the hill, then duck around the corner, clamber back up to the footpath, and continue on our merry way!

Our third (and final) surprise for this post is the soup we shared yesterday with the church that meets at Uchumayo.  See if you can guess what part of the sheep is visible in Megan's bowl:

That's right: "caldo de cabeza de cordero", otherwise known as sheep's head soup!  As they say around these parts, "┬íProvecho!" (= Bon appetite)  And for the record, Megan polished off that soup completely, sheep's ear and all.  She's clearly a better Peruvian than her lily-livered parents ;-)